.map file that is the calibration file of the .jpg map image.

The accuracy of this calibration is spot on so there is no need for users to generate their own calibration. This file will be used by scoring. This file is supported by OziExplorer and CompeGPS. User may have to point their program to the location on their computer where they stored the .jpg file when they downloaded the files.

.gpx: 2017TopgunGoals  2017TopgunHardTargets

.gpx file for loading targets into GPS units and software programs that support .gpx extension also a pdf of the locations.


.kmz: 2017 Topgun Hard Targets  2017 Topgun Goals

.kmz file that is a tiled version of the calibrated map image file that can be viewed in Google Earth and/or loaded in GPS units that support customized maps.

.rmap: Topgun2017nopzmapwgs84_utm

.RMAP file for use with TwoNav on iPad units.