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Top Gun Pilot Standings

Welcome to the Top Gun Standings Page!  The mission of our club is to help pilots improve their pilot skills through education, practice and the sharing of information into the art of navigation.  One of the ways we create fun is to provide a monthly competition for club members.  Anytime you get a group of pilots trying to navigate into a set point, the opportunity to compare results occurs.  By placing a point value to a performance, a pilot creates an average.  (View Wall of Fame)

Our club provides the results and standings here.  There are three types of results which can be found here.  They are as follows:

  • Monthly Flying Event Results
  • Top Gun Pilot Averages Ranking
  • Top Gun Annual Club Champion

Top Gun Ballooning annual awards 2023 sponsored by Coldwell Banker Legacy and Top Gun
Congratulations to: 

#1 Trent Caldwell
#2 Peg Billson
#3 Shawn Speicher
#4 Jeff Duff
#5 Ian Whitling
#6 Keith Takach
#7 Kelly Price
#8 John Wilson
#9 Shane Shipman
# 10 Natasha Stanke

And Rookie of the year is Zackery Maxwell!

Monthly Flying Event Results:

Each month, any pilot who participates in the flight receives a result for each of the individual tasks called.  Those individual tasks are added together to determine a winner for that month.  This provides those in attendance each month the joy of knowing how they did in comparison to the other pilots participating that month.

2024 Monthly Flying Results:

January 2024 – Cancelled Due to Weather
February 2024 – Shane Shipman | Task 4 | Task 5 | Task 6 | Task 7 | Overall
March 2024 – Shawn Speicher | Task 8 | Task 9 | Task 10 | Task 11 | Task 12 | Overall | Task Data Sheet
April 2024 –
May 2024 –
June 2024 –
July 2024 –
August 2024 –
September 2024 –
October 2024 –
November 2024 –
December 2024 –

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Ongoing Rankings: