Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame – Previous Top Gun Champions

Each year, there is only one Club Champion.  This pilot earns that honor not only because they flew well in the club flights, but they also completed a minimum number of weekends.  In order to be considered, the following criteria must be met:

  • Must have flown in a minimum of 3 different monthly flights.
  • Must have flown a minimum of 1/3 of the total task flown by the club each year.

Any pilot that meets the criteria above is considered for becoming the Club Champion.  Once a pilot is determined to be eligible, their Ranking Average for the year is compared to the other pilots who also meet the criteria and a new list is developed.  This list only comes out once a year in January following the completion of the previous calendar year.

Past Top Gun Champions

1986 Mark Sullivan
1987 Scott Appleman
1988   Wayne Bond
1989   Mark Sullivan
1990   Wayne Bond
1991   Sid Cutter
1992   Dave Melton
1993   Gleen See
1994   Wayne Bond
1995   Sid Cutter
1996   Bill Walker
1997   Bob Mass
1998   Bill Walker
1999   Gary Bennett
2000   Bob Mass
2001   Bob Mass
2002   Mark Sullivan
2003   Sid Cutter
2004   Bob Mass
2005   Chuck Ludberg
2006   Nick Meleski
2007   Jeff Gilles
2008   Ray Bair
2009   Keith Takach
2010   Jason “Hopper” Buckner
2011   Keith Takach
2012   Neil Jackson
2013   Keith Takach
2014   Mark Sullivan
2015   David Fuston
2016   Keith Takach
2017   Jason “Hopper” Buckner
2018   Keith Takach
2019   Chris Cliver
2020 Shawn Speicher (and Rookie of the Year)
2021 Kelly Price
2022 Jonathan Wright
2023 Trent Caldwell

Recent Top Gun Champions

2023 Top Gun Champion, Trent Caldwell

Trent Caldwell

2022 Top Gun Champion, Jonathan Wright

2022 Top Gun Champion, Jonathan Wright being awarded his plaque by President, Kelly Price. 1/21/23