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Safety Seminar

David Eichorn from AERCO mentioned March 6th, 6:30am MDT Safety seminar – great slate of speakers - $30 – qualifies for insurance credit (but be careful and actually pay attention – there are traps)

Congratulations to our New Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce that Shawn Speicher, Trent Caldwell, Steven Mezzancello, David Eichhorn, and Anthony Lard were elected to serve the Top Gun Board of Directors for the 2021 season serving a two year term.   The executive committee was retained:    Will Fitzpatrick, President | Anthony Lard, VP | Dave Bagley, Treasurer | Steve Williams, Secretary.

2020 Club Champion and Rookie of the Year

Congratulations to our 2020 Club Champion and Rookie of the Year:  Shwan Speicher! #1:          Shawn Speicher – CLUB CHAMPION #2:          Sam Parks #3:          Steven Mezzancello #4:          Neil Jackson #5:          Trent Caldwell #6:          Ray Bair #7:          Zerek Welz #8:          Stacy Eldridge #9:          Kelly Price #10:       Mike Heffron

Christmas Raffle Sold Out!

Thank you all for participating in the Top Gun Christmas Raffle!   We are SOLD OUT!  225 tickets sold.  For all of you that bought five or more tickets you are entered into a supplemental drawing for the free Annual compliments of AERCO.  There will be some other prizes given away as well.  So stay tuned for more details on...

Time to Renew

Time to Renew your Top Gun Membership.    Please renew this month by December 31st, 2020.    It takes just a few minutes.  We have all your compliance information, so this is just a membership directory update and payment!   Pilot Renewal is $50.   We also encourage your crew and crew chiefs to register.  It is just $5.00 and it...