This task is similar to Fly In (FIN), and the target is set in the event area by the Event Director. Pilots fly from some distances away (for example, 5km away) toward the target and drop the marker. However the time and the area to drop the marker are limited then. Pilots have to fly calculating the time to reach the target.


  •  Competitors will attempt to achieve a mark within a valid scoring area close to a set goal. The scoring area(s) will
    have unique times of validity.
  • Task Data:
    a) Position of goal/target
    b) Description of scoring area(s) and their validity times
  •  The result is the distance from the mark to the target. Smallest result is best.
  •  A competitor who does not achieve a mark (marker on the ground) inside a scoring area during the time of validity
  • will not achieve a result.