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September Top Gun is Shawn Speicher

Well, it was a huge learning month!  Educational for the pilots, the Crews, the Navigators, the Event Director, the Scoring Officials, the board of directors…..  but we are very pleased to say that the results are FINAL! Congratulations to Shawn Speicher…. Our September Top Gun Pilot!  Neil Jackson, Dave Eichhorn, Lonnie Carreathers, and Trenton Caldwell round out our Top 5! ...

August Top Gun Champion

Our August Top Gun Pilot - Steve Mezzancello 2nd Place - Neil Jackson 3rd Place - Trent Caldwell Our Sunday Event was cancelled due to high winds, so our Saturday standings stay in force. Thank you all for a GREAT weekend. Task 1 Final Task 2 Final Task 3 Final Overall Final

July Top Gun Champion is….

Shawn Speicher!   Ray Bair came in 2nd and Cheri White came in 3rd!   It was another great event following local and state guidelines.   Thanks to Andi Babcock our new head of scoring and her hard work learning the scoring program!  Looking forward to our August event! Task 1 Finals Task 2 Finals Task 3 Finals Overall Finals

New Executive Officers Confirmed

The new officer slate and directors have been voted and confirmed.    Will Fitzpatrick, President | Anthony Lard, VP | Steve Williams, Secretary | Dave Bagley, Treasurer.    The 2020 additional directors are:  Steve Mezzancello, Jason Buckner, Keith Takach, David Eichhorn, and Jeff Ashworth.       The About Us section of the website is updated along with new officer emails...

2019 Top Gun Champion!

Congratulations to Chris Cliver for being 2019 Top Gun Champion!   Please visit the Pilot's standing page for the entire year standings along with new expanded explanation of how Top Gun's scores are calculated.  Click here.