Top Gun Board Meeting Highlights

Top Gun Board Meeting Highlights

Happy October from Top Gun!


Fiesta is over, the weather is perfect, and we had our board meeting last night.  It was a great meeting, and we discussed some important issues to Top Gun for the remainder of the year and setting groundwork for our 2023 season.


Here are some of the highlights from last night’s meeting:


Mezz took 7th at Fiesta and Lonnie took 9th!  A great Top Gun showing.


There is NO event this October.  However, the board unanimously voted to make BOTH NOV. AND DEC. 2-Day Events!  This gives all Top Gun pilots, including our out-of-town pilots, to come and make their run for the Top Gun Championship!


We have some GREAT Event Directors to finish off this season which may include Jonathan Wright and Daniel Liberti.


We need some more scoring team participants.  If you have some crew that would like to learn more about scoring and help (which really helps their understanding for their pilots) please contact Dave Bagley.


President Dave submitted a proposal for Top Gun to start offering some scholarship help to Top Gun members going to national and international events.  More to come.


We are going to work with Rio Rancho government to see if there is a way to get a more dedicated field in Rio Rancho.  This is a big task, but we have some great connections and plan on at least exploring the options.


Vice President Kelly Price has been working on the 2023 waiver and will be submitting it on time this year.


There will be no dues increase for 2023 season.    It will remain at $50 for Pilots and $5 for non-flying members.    Dues registration will be sent out in Nov. for 2023 season.  If you are compliant through January 14th, our first event weekend, you will not need to submit new information.   If you are not, you will be required to resubmit your compliance information.


We are trying to expand our website.  If you have any suggestions on how to make the website even better, please send your suggestions to


We had a great discussion on establishing a hard deck for pilot, which are approx. altitude minimums for coming into targets.  More information will be coming out on this subject including our Waiver requirements and realistic expectations and how low altitude minimum violations will be handled.    In the interim, if you are roof topping to come into the target, you are GOING to get a penalty!   We can’t handle any more PZ’s, community complaints, and FAA scrutiny.


President Dave is going to contact Balloon Live and find out exactly what the status is of our devices to help us determine if they will play a larger part in 2023.


A reminder, ALL members of Top Gun are always welcome at any of our board meetings.  If you have extra time and can volunteer a little time to assist the board, it is also greatly appreciated.   The entire board spends a tremendous amount of time every month to make sure Top Gun events go off and our organization stays in FAA compliance.


Fly Safe!  Enjoy October off – get ready for our November 2-Day Event!


The Top Gun Board of Directors.

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